Assassin's Creed II Video Review by GameSpot

Assassin’s Creed II is what you’d want an action sequel to be: bigger, better, and more beautiful. Read the full review:

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  1. This is my Review for AC2:
    AC2 returns with Great  Improves to AC's Formula. As your return with AC's Kidnapped Bartender "Desmond", He returns to the DNA Reading Device "The Animus" to explore a new Ancestor "Ezio Auditore Da Firenze" only this time "Willingly" as you travel on the Rooftops of Beautiful Florence, The Pure Nature Of The Countryside and The Mind-blowing Sight of Venice.

    + Storyline:
    AC2 Has a lot of thing to be praised at but if one thing is to truly deserve the word amazing its the Story, as Players will Find it more intriguing and more Fun than most games in 2009.

    +/- Gameplay:
    AC2 Returns with the excellent Parkour of AC with some enhancements to make it faster and a Master to the Rooftops of Venice and Florence, Combat also returns but with a "Good" notice, as you progress in the game, you will get used to it as it's much easier than the First Game. Assassinations return with different Techniques, as now players can Air assassinate, Ledge Assassinate and Assassinate from a Hiding Spot.

    + Graphics:
    If anything takes your heart and mind for its brilliance, It's the sight of Pure Nature, Amazing  Architecture of Buildings and Mind Blowing Cities, The Characters also have Good Graphics but they could've been better.

    + Music:
    After this Game, Jesper Kyd is now my Favorite composer. As I played almost through every game in 2009, No Soundtracks did Best AC2's Main Theme and Glorious Music.

    The Verdict:
    Assassin's Creed II improves the Formula of AC in many ways and I'm Sure Players will have fun Playing it more than the first game, with gorgeous cities,fun characters, Good Gameplay and Intriguing Story.

    Score: 9.5/10

  2. Still my favourite AC game, just started playing through it again this will be the 5th time I've completed it. Got Platinum trophies on this, AC3 and AC4 and soon to be ACB.
    I liked all of this game including the glyphs as I think adding a conspiracy part to it just made it so much cooler, plus some people could go through the whole game without even realising that they are there, so the hidden aspect works because people will want to go back and play it.
    When I compare it to the new games sure it's not as good in some ways such as combat, but the graphics are still pretty great and for its time the combat was great as well.
    I'm not sure what did win game of the year but I think this definitely should, it's just a game that was just ahead of its time!!

  3. The stort was just so original in AC 2 man. You don't fucking get to fly with contraptions made by da vinci. Fucking epic assassinations and legitimate reasons to follow the brotherhood like Ezio does. The horses and fighting on the horses as well as just vast land to explore. Playing AC unity and AC 3 Make me cringe at how horrible the environment was. No city traveling a bunch of bullshit trees in 3 where in unity you only are allowed in Paris and versailles which is a bullshit excuse of a map whereas in AC 2, you could literally get lost. AC 2 was and always will be the best. There's no dramaticness in the assassinations like in AC 2, no last moment before death speech that Ezio would give. Ubisoft fell off so hard man.

  4. better main character? bullshit, Altair is the assassin who made them worldwide, he is the boss. I love his dark gritty loyal arrogant attitude, ezio is too much of a fuckboy for me.

  5. Assassin's Creed II, the best AC game ever made. Beautiful historical setting, majestic music and engaging storyline. When I played this game many years ago, I never wanted it to end.

  6. I just played my first AC game and it was the number IV black flag.
    I got it for $10.
    Now, i'm about to buy this game for $6.
    I'm still having fun with my PS3.

  7. Kids these days will never understand the greatness of the old ac games, for them ac is just another franchise that releases its game every year, they'd rather play something the media publicises even if it's not that good.

  8. I hope someone can help me with a save issue I'm having on the Xbox 360 version, that Google hasn't been able to help me with!

    I've tried to play this twice in the last week; once on 360 and then on Xbox One (both times with the Xbox 360 ACII disc) I get a message flag up after playing for a little while saying it cannot save and therefore will be removed from the device (or something like that) which means it then won't/can't autosave and I lose the file completely, as it has disappeared when I try to play the game again. All I can gather from what I Googled is that it's something to do with UPlay and that I'm not the only one who has had this problem. Perhaps if I try and play OFFLINE it might combat the issue, but I'm reluctant to play through the whole game intro for a third time, only to lose my progress again! Can anyone help, or should I just give up on it for good?!

    Thanks in advance!

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