Tekken 6 Video Review by GameSpot

With its beefy cast, impressive Scenario Campaign mode, and expansive customization options, Tekken 6 is the new heavyweight in the fighting game arena. Read the full review:

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  1. @QueenMariaSharapova i know that but it sucks because for certain characters they need certain timing for moves playing online sucks because it lags tekken 5 and tekken tag tournament were my fav tekken games

  2. are the combos flexible is this game really that easy to pick up and I'm a fan of mortal kombat so to any other gamers out there do you think I would Like this?

  3. @xxxxJizzyxxxx YES!! I agree with you 100% with the SD TV.
    All the text is impossible to read on a SD TV. Going into training and then seeing the text blur together is really a pain.

  4. the only thing i hate on t6 is the bounce juggling, oh hell.. thus human body bounce like that if you do a kakato geri on some one… maybe its fun to watch but i can say people can abuse using it.. unlike the other tekken series that juggling system is good(its far from excellent) this one is a pain in a ass bounce system that will make ur char bounce like a ball.. i hope the bounce system will be remove.. its more like a button smasher than a fighting game with good juggling system

  5. KAZUYA IS BEAST. Lars is actually the best if known how to use but i still would woop his ass with kazuya. the combos are beast overall i say six was better than five.

  6. Thee one downfall is the story i mean over all the installments the story is kinda all over the place i mean between all the other characters and their story it was kinda hard to figure out. Its best you played the other ones to figure out.

  7. Is it possible to play with a friend offline in the same room with 2 controllers? got so many great memories with those old tekken games on the ps2

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