Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Video Preview

We take a look at some of the awesome new features in Pro Evo 10.

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  1. "futbol"? HAHAHA. It's football you dumb shit. The sport was invented in England, by Englishmen. Why the fuck would it be called "futbol"? Fútbol is just Spanish for football, dickweed. What the hell would you know about football anyways, yank.

  2. not true, the game we know and play today was invented in england, the original concept comes from china where they would kick around a round object. however, football was only invented in england.

    don't be an idiot.

  3. Gameplay is always subjective, but I'm really confused why you think FIFA's graphics are better. The lighting and shadowing in PES is superb, the texture resolution is ridiculous for the players, and the likenesses (except for the smaller teams) are perfect. The only problem is animations; perhaps that is what you mean?

  4. really? can you tell me what do you think about this game?? I'm planning to get it, because I have FIFA but Manager Mode is a disgrace so I was planning to sell FIFA and buy PES.

  5. I think what s fun about PES is that you can solo alot with fast lightning players (Messi, ronaldo, rooney, henry etc) Unlike fifa, the game basically needs team work all the damn time lol.

  6. On the hardest diffaculty (top player) when i go on master league i win the treble like 5 times in the first 6 seasons and from then on win it every year. I did 3 master leagues where this happened, chelsea, arsenal and aston villa. so yeah does any1 know how to make it harder?

  7. Got this game last week and suprised how good it is! Perhaps Konami can now get back to where they were 5 or 6 years ago when they were the king at footy games, cnt wait for the new PES.

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