The Bigs 2 Video Review

The excitement of arcade-style supermoves, combined with the deep mechanics of the real sport, makes The Bigs 2 a thrilling baseball game. Read more:

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  1. Dear Game Makers:
    -Take Slugfest
    -Apply either MLB The Show graphics, or keep The Bigs 2 graphics and improve faces, swings, ballparks, and add things like fighting and collisions
    -Update rosters
    -Make a full season/franchise mode
    -Make a normal HR Derby
    -Add a my player mode
    -Make a tournament mode with features such as a fantasy draft and created teams
    -Add things like giant heads, special bats, the ability to use a team of horses/aliens/dogs whathaveyou,things that were in older gms

  2. i tough gamers played video games to scape reality not to see wich game is more realistic because face it all of them are fake even the show we are not and will never be managers of any of those teams so just play the game you like and dont judge the game other people play…geez!

  3. The Bigs 2 is a terrible game. While it has awesome game play and cool graphics, should you decide to play the Become a Legend part of the game you will be stuck in ridiculous mini games that are often time near impossible. You don't just get a poor score and try to improve it, NO, you can actually get stuck not being able to pass a certain mini game FOREVER> your just screwed,

  4. I never even liked baseball, but this was one of my favourite games. Even my ex girlfriend who hates xbox loved this game. Just goes to show how great a game this was

  5. Lmfao LITERALLY 10 yrs later but I never even liked baseball but this series was SOOOOOOO much fun Just found it again at GameStop for$2.99 That equals me a cpl of homies some beers my XBox 360 and ALLOT of old school FUN!

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