The Sims 3 Video Review by GameSpot

The latest Sims game is also the greatest, striking a terrific balance between the fresh and the familiar. Read our full review:

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  1. yes, it's much better on PC than on PS3 or xbox 360. The controls are better, and so are the graphics, the online store and exchange and the many expansions. But if you want, the sims 4 is going to be released in 2014 🙂

  2. To anyone who missed the origin bundle and wanted this game really bad
    For origin CFDD-DVRW-3EM4-NTRV-FX4A
    Some dlc 28BK-5WJB-QUCC-57TP-8CDJ
    Some more dlc H28G-CPUK-8VK9-QYLG-YACU
    Yet more dlc DH89-7VLK-PFKC-M4EZ
    Remember that you have to register key at the Sims 3 website.

  3. Everyone thinks the Sims 2 is the best Sims game out of them all, and then they all say Sims 3 is the worst. Why say that? I really don't get it. So what? It's just graphics. Maybe more for you but really, I think when you play the Sims 2 for too long, it can get a little boring.

  4. The original Sims will always be my favorite. It was the simplicity that I liked the most. But after investing in a lot of expansion packs for the original Sims, I upgraded from windows 98 to vista, and it just didn't work. I guess it wasn't compatible. But I thought I'd give Sims 2 a try after getting my windows 8 running laptop, some odd years later, and after having it crash on me every single time I tried to play, I discovered that Sims 2 wasn't compatible with windows 8. It's really really really disappointing that I can't play either of the Sims, after spending all of that money, and Sims 3 just took the fun out of it for me, with all of its complexity. I'm so upset.

  5. Hmm I used to play sim city back in the day, but never touched the sims until Sims 3. Gotta say, it is fun, but the DLCs are retardedly expensive. I could buy other full games instead of DLCs.

  6. This review seems more like a promotion rather than an actual informative and in-depth breakdown. I dont think a single bad thing about this game was remarked(and there are plenty). 
    The character creation and housebuilding features are stripped to the bone and very limited. For example, you only have like 20 hairstyles to choose from, and when building your bathroom, you have the amazing choice of 3 different types of showers. 
    In the previous installations of the series you had an absolute abundance of choice, you weren`t forced to pay anything extra or buy expansions in order to expand anorexic libraries. Also, one of the cooles things about Sims 1 & 2, IMO, was being able to create a complete neighborhood, not just one family at a time, this is a game mechanic I sorely miss. The game also is crazy bugged and glitchy. 

    Its a shame that Gamespot promotes this kind of exploitation of fans, even more shameful that the fans accept it! 

    Its a good game, but it really suffers from the "industry money-milking" syndrome! 

  7. "Hey kids! We have a FABULOUS game! Want to play it?"

    "Okey dokey, Mr. EA!"

    "well here is an eighth of it!"

    "but… I want the whole game!"

    "That'll be 550 Euros."

    Well played, Electronic Arts, well played…

  8. I recently saw an article that made me never want to purchase another sims game this isn't direct but it's pretty fricken close "If the sims 4 doesn't sell well there will not be a sims 5"-Sims 4 maker. Ok well I'm not buying the sims 4 and I already want an open world sims game that isn't old.

  9. It's such a shame that instead of EA fixing a broken game, they made a completely new game. I only wish that one day EA will fix most of the main issues in The Sims 3, like performance for example, can't get to one room from another without a lag spike or stutter.

  10. Sorry if this is amateur but how do you get that colour thing on for changing the colours? I'm getting this on Friday and I really want to know!

  11. It's 2017..I own Sims 3 and 4

    I still play Sims 3, Even if it has performance issues..I found it more enjoyable..AND I DIDN'T GET A LOADING SCREEN WHEN I WANTED TO GO ACROSS THE STREE- But anyway, The expansions are fun..I enjoy going to different areas such as a college or China (France, Egypt.) And the game doesn't just have STUFF PACKS THAT ADD NOTHING TO THE GAME..

  12. SIMS 3 is the best even with all its problems (that the majority were fixed to be honest), but if you want to play well you better own a goood PC, the more EP, SP and Store contet you usethe more higher the requirements. If your PC suck then play Sims 4.

  13. Imagine if they'd remaster this game, like add in the morphing engine from CAS from sims 4, but keeping the color wheel. That'd be pretty great…

    Or even if they made Sims 5 an actual full open world that ran well? Why not use that exact engine, and use it to remaster Sims 3… keeping all the rest of the game there, but an actually smooth gameplay experience instead of a buggy stuttering disaster of a game.

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