E3 2009: Heavy Rain Stage Demo

GameSpot @ E3 2009: We take a closer look at Heavy Rain, the suspenseful adventure game coming to the PlayStation 3.

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  1. I don't know what people are so competitive with systems, there both good in there own way and have there flaws, just because xbox doesn t have the crazy blu ray depth doesn t mean anything, if anyone has a 1080 HD tv and cables they cvan make the xbox just like the PS3. myself own an xbox 360 and i have no problem with it or ev en care about the games graphics or anything, so shut the fuck up and enjoy the games of your system of choice.

  2. I remember a game just like this for the PS2… Started off in a Diner I think…and some guy was possessed or something and he kills someone…what was that game called?

  3. the only thing i dont like about this game is im the kind of player that likes to play all the possible outcomes. Im not going to play it a million times just to see all the outcomes. I do like how its original and personalized. I have a feeling its either going to bust or be very successful.

  4. Omg such a good idea! Now that is what makes a good game XD I was on the edge of my seat just watching it, I want a ps3!

  5. "So this is a scene that is roughly in the MEEDLE of the story."

    wtf? and it sounds like he's going through puberty at "killer' (4:09)

  6. @deathletter13
    try pressing f5 to skip the add. if it doesnt work at first, try it two more times. it works on my computer but it doesnt work on the computer at school, but you should aleast try it out.

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