Batman: Arkham Asylum 'Invisible Predator' Hands-On

We’re the first people in the world to get a hands-on with The Joker’s Invisible Predator levels in Batman: Arkham Asylum. For more videos like this, check out GameSpot UK’s weekly videogame show Start/Select at

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  1. you kinda made a self refuting statement. You state that each has their detriments and then say each one comes down to being "perfectly fine." I like both systems, but I'd rather sacrifice quality features so that I don't risk the CHANCE of getting hardware failure 2 soon. You may consider me being "a corporate pawn" inasmuch as I may seem pessimistic, but I am not rly. I am more interested in reliability of an entity rather than it's features; imprvment will happn, but ima stick w da ps3 4 now

  2. i have a ps3, and i cant seem to be able to play as joker in challenge maps, i downloaded it, installed it and unlocked every challenge map, but i still cant play as him T . T

  3. crazy how much detail they put into a console exclusive mode. i didn't even bother downloading it because i figured it would be nothing more than a joker skin on batman. but now i'll have to get it.

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