Battlestations: Pacific Video Review by GameSpot

Strategy and action merge in this complex and exciting sequel. Check out our full review:

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  1. Мдаа… зачем только я ее скачивал! игра, конечно, нормальная, но ни один трейнер на нее ни идет(

  2. … you have any idea how boring modern naval combat would be? Missile launched… ok… shot down… dangit, fire again! Jet combat would work fine, but it may as well just be another arcade jet sim…

  3. I haven't playd a flight simulator since the 90's when joysticks were still a big thing in PC gaming. I am for sure looking forward to playing my first flight simulator in years starting tomorrow!

  4. This is still by far my favorite sea and boat game out there. The two go hand and hand so well, and it's got that classic Japan vs USA that you can enjoy. Worth all 300+ hours I've played it.

  5. Its 2019, i have an xb1, but I still have to plug in my xb360 to play this gem every couple of months… I wish that it was backwards compatible, no one plays anymore.

  6. They should make an open world version of this game. This will be mindblowing and even more succesfull then wows if multiplayer is added.

  7. The voice problem can be solved with a simple mod developed by Runsva, it gives the japanese an authentic voice, it's so much better!

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