Ninja Blade Video Review by GameSpot

This derivative action game is a bunch of silly, stylish fun. Read our full review:

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  1. This gamespot reviewer did the game justice thankfully. The game does have flaws but it has originality and is fun to play. What other game has you running down the side of a building slashing enemies, or skydiving from a hellicopter while attacking?

  2. This game is exactly what Kevin described it to be– Dumb, flashy, FUN.

    You are not going to get a touchy story or an interesting slow ninja pacing. This game is all about taking games Like Ninja Gaiden and God of War, and taking it to the MAX!!
    This game is radical, it's crazy, it's montrously fun and looks great with amazing combos, and it does everything it can to blow you away. Platforming, fightning, QTE, It does it all so good.

    It was abit too short for me, but very fun in every way.

  3. This game was like another badass ninja movie my friends loved watching me fight every boss. One thing though it gets boring if you play it for to long in one sitting

  4. why so many reviewer don't like it? The Boss fight was fun, the monsters design, especially bosses, are so awesome and the gameplay is really fun. they really should make a sequel

  5. i went in to ninja blade hoping for something as like an accurate representation of the nsa just like in splinter cell but wasn't expecting this fantasy japanese comic con fanboy kind of style of game. i think i will be quietly giving this one a miss.

  6. …wow so many naysayers
    Angry Joe would say that it's a good game
    And please
    Shut the fuck up!Don't compare this with any game!
    Do you realize how hard it is to make a good story in a game these days?
    You know,like people screaming "lazy ass NG ripoff" bitch please stop complaining
    Seriously,why don't you guys atleast appreciate the effort that has been put in this game
    In my opinion,this game has a 7 or 8/10 individually

    Button-masher?What are you?5 years old??
    You guys forgot to look at the games as individually crafted pieces,you must look at it from a different point of view
    Because if you don't-you practically just become another whiney ass bitch

    Put atleast 50 hours into this game
    Because it's really fun

  7. I love'd this game I'd like to see a sequel to this game I mean I love this better then ninja gaiden yes ninja gaiden is awesome game but not as much as ninja blade i really want to see more of this game

  8. ninja blade is incredible overall very fun tons of combos and challenging, bosses are tough too and playn it with oldschool ninja gaiden nes music makes it even more epic. This review was inaccurate, this game is not a button masher makes me wonder if this guy actually played this game?! also the issues he encountered I've never had them. As a gamer/collector I'd say get this game it's worth it. the story is good too

  9. I wanna see ninja blade 2 this aawsome and fun game I even made Ken Ogwa in the soul caliber 6 and he looks like him ninja blade 2 Re release it if if you want more people to buy it.

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