BioShock 2 Feature Interview by GameSpot

We head back to Rapture with 2K Marin for the exclusive first preview of the sequel to BioShock. Check out the full article:

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  1. I have been wondering if the prototype big daddy is human or not because his diving suit is shaped like a human, do u guys know if he is or not?

  2. and no, he isnt human either, all big daddys are dead splicer corpses meshed together to make a super strong one then add armour to it, its all in one of tenenbaums diarys somwere

  3. They have this seaslug inside them that produce adam. if you rip it out you get allot more adam than if you save them, but the sisters die in the process.

  4. i played bioshock when it was alot newer but was kinda freaked out and got to the second level and stoped lol. but now im a little older i got it for christmas and beat it twice already i harvested all the sisters the first time and saved all em the second time

  5. @chefgarno18 Ken levine and Irratinal games (2K boston at the time) created bioshock 1. Not wanting to make bio 2 they mved on to another project which we now know is bioshock infinite. Of course since bio 1 was succesful 2k marin made the 2nd one unaware of bio infinite. U shud watch giantbombs 45 min nterview with ken levine about it. No one knows whether infinte is set ont same universe as bio 1 and 2. In the interview Ken i asked the direct question and doenst give a straight answer.

  6. I wonder how they feel, now that Bioshock infinte is coming, made by irrational games who made the first one. Kind of makes bio 2 look like the black sheep of the series in my opinion.

  7. seeing as it takes place before the first 2 sort of does make it a prequel of sorts, but it has no retaining storylines or settings so it is really a game of its own, neither a sequel or a prequel 🙂

  8. These guys are so bright, they did a GREAT job with the sequel. Can't stop playing it. I wish some rich Japanese guys created Rapture for real one of these days. It could be way more exciting than any of the Disney parks altogether.

  9. Bioshock 1 was made by Irrational Games. Bioshock 2 was made by a different dev team from 2k Marin. Bioshock Infinite is being made by Irrational Games.

  10. Ken Levine on what makes a Bioshock game:
    "We just decided that BioShock didn’t mean Rapture exclusively, that it means the look…the sort of hyper-stylized look of the world, the saturation of color, the feeling, the sense of humor, the combat mechanics and the kinds of themes we take on. We deal with the time period and we take the politics, the art, the music, the culture, the science, the advertising, the technology and then we give it a twist — a little bit of science fiction."

  11. I loved how weird the little sisters faces looked with their big eyes in part 1. Im not a big fan of their look in part 2 in game, but they do look decent in cut scenes.

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