Tom Clancy's HAWX Video Review by GameSpot

This arcade-style aerial-combat game has plenty to offer those flying solo, but it doesn’t offer much in the way of competitive multiplayer content. Read our full review:

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  1. @eaglerouge and you would know wat sex is like, you just spend ur life trolling videos,
    this guy is just trying to make a helpful video, and he did!

  2. I want to buy a plane game cause i remember having a blast back in the day with games like USAF and staff like that… I am into tom clancys games generally so i would like to take my chances with HAWX franchise.. SO should i buy 1 or 2?

  3. i had to recalculate that stupid "feet" crap…

    and sorry but how the hell would you do that?

    16.000 meters is maximum….

    25000 or higher cant be done…

    the rest i feel fine by but the 2 first parts of second line im NOT fine with.

  4. 2 has takeoff and landing… sure it aint perfect but fun nevernonetheless… or well i think so.. and the meters showing altitude and speed are easier to see.

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