Resident Evil 5 Video Review by GameSpot

Resident Evil 5 is a fun and frantic evolution of RE4’s breakthrough gameplay and the series’ horror themes. Check out our full review:

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  1. The forced co-op/a.i. partner and inventory system ruined this game. Having to babysit Sheva was a pain in the ass. You could never wander to far or she'd get killed. Resident Evil 4 maintained the dread and scared of the earlier games, despite the new action focus. But RE 5 didn't have a single moment that surprised me.

  2. I recommend playing this game in co-op (online or split screen) because your Ai partner in the single player mode can be annoying sometimes (Both Chris and Sheva)
    and don't forget to play the Mercenaries mode it's really good 🙂
    if you're interested in it and you want to play it..then play it and judge it yourself because everyone has a different taste and opinion.
    personally I enjoyed it. I think it's a great game with good content and replay value, it's really fun.

  3. Kallie Plagge, fake gamer and all round creepy person who contacts peoples' parents and posts responses to twitter. No wonder she knows nothing about games.

  4. PS3/x360 Era….The Golden Era of Couch Co-Op Gaming with RE5, Army Of Two, Tekken Tag 2 and so many more…Up to 7 Player games…Crazy. Now everything is just Online. I miss those times

  5. RE5 has 0 horror elements, the puzzles were laughable, co-op makes it so there is no tension, the setting wasn't dark enough, chris was on roids or something,
    RE5 is not resident evil,awful story told poorly, and one that completely ruins the series' main villain,and It’s just Trying to be another RE4 which no one wanted.

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