Dante's Inferno Interview by GameSpot

Executive producer Jonathan Knight takes you through the nine circles of hell in Dante’s Inferno. Read more in our preview:

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  1. lol ive already got it ๐Ÿ˜€
    it came out on the 4th in australia
    trust me, it is really epic, you will not regret getting it

  2. well actually, without ruining too much, from what ive played, there isnt one at the end of EVERY circle, just a few, such as lust (i wont go too far into all that though), and in some cases, like gluttony, the boss is near the start. ive just reached the 'violence' circle of hell btw

  3. I know, im reading the book at this time, comparing the book to the game for me is like watching the first movie ten watching the remake. Or its like watching the classic movie channel and right before the movie starts there is that guy who tells the whole story then the movie comes on.

  4. lol If Dante was still a poet in the game…his special powers (aside from the crucifix) would recite his poems over and over until the enemies get bored to death!

  5. People need to stop comparing this to God of War. EVERY game of this genre have the same gameplay mechanics as GoW. If Dante's Inferno "copied" GoW, then GoW "copied" DMC.

  6. all i can say that i loved the game. i guess some minor similarities with GOW since both games are made by the same company. either way solid game. it did say to be continued in the end so hopefully it will

  7. wow
    he sais that they didnt put in the over the top demons and that freakin place with the guts and the eating and hacking up corpses isnt "over the top" lol

    cool =]]

  8. I found that the game's locations just felt more EPIC as I went along, not so much hellish. I thought that the first circle, Limbo, was actually the scariest part of the game, I mean, where I was actually genuinely shocked and freaked out.

  9. @GamerNerdTalk based on what? God of war? Just because there's other games like it doesn't mean they suck compared to it. You have to look at all games like a blank canvas.

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