The Sims 3 Creator Camp 2009

EA collected a group of community members to come to the EA Studios and check out the new tools in Sims 3, and GameSpot was there to check it out. For more information, check out our preview:

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  2. EA …. Dosnt they know what people want??? We want to play online with friends and meet new poeple that way. In stead of EA's stupid share stuff they should make REAL online instead!!!,

  3. I have the sims 3 . just got it about 4 weeks ago . but i cant really play it like i want because live mode moves SOOOOOO SLOOOW . it takes about 5 mins just for me to make a sim do a action . create a sim mode is good & everything else . Does anybody else have this problem ? PLEASE HELP !

  4. it's so cool to know that they really do care about the work they put out to sell, and that the creators are people who are actally big fans of the game and can actually get into it. not just professional designers.

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